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  • Automatically draw SD zones, trend line
  • Multiple SD information on a chart
  • Easy to open a trade
  • It's FREE 

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Mobile Supply and Demand  



The only reason why price moves in any and all markets is because of an imbalance in supply and demand (SD). The greater the imbalance, the greater the move.


 Buyers and sellers are in a constant and never-ending battle.


Unlike markets that are traded through an exchange, each Forex broker is essentially creating a market. More or less, the charts will look the same, but individual bars can be different and price patterns in particular can vary a bit from broker to broker. Ultimately the various markets created by the brokers will to some extent be arbitraged so they stay rather close to each other. In the end you have to just trade what you see on your charts and ignore everything else.


Remember that Forex is the biggest market in the world, it's traded by professionals and not by retailers. A hunter has all sort of traps to capture its prey, so do the big institutions. We are trying to combat professional hunters, we retailers are the prey.


You want to learn to trade like a professional and be able to identify turning points in the markets before they happen?


    1. Study basic concept of Supply and Demand
    2. Use these tools for trading
    3. Enjoy life



          Instruction video is available HERE





                                How to install?

  1. Download installation file name: Supply_Demand_38a.exe
  2. Copy installation files into the folder MT4 (You should open MT4 and select menu File/Open Data Folder).
  3. Run Supply_Demand_38a.exe
  4. Reset MT4
  5. Open 2 new charts and select appropriate template
  • SupplyDemand_38a – For drawing SD / TL
  • SupplyDemand_Matrix_38a – For Matrix information





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